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Originally Posted by Mbeas96 View Post
Yes. Apparently the pin for 1-4 in the female connector going to the coil is corroded or something. I cut it off and used butt connectors to connect it directly to the coilpack pins.

I mean, I wanna say I didn't buy another igniter connector for nothing...but at least this one has a longer pigtail coming from it...
So now I'll buy a new bosh 3 pin connector off ebay and should be good to go.
Careful with the ebay connectors, they're often not the sealed type. I bought a pack of them which came with wire seals but the holes were square so the round seals didn't actually work. The Bosch OE part number is 1237000039 and should also come with a rubber boot which further helps reduce the chance of water ingress.
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