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Been working steadily on the car and here are some highlights...

Rear shocks and springs have been replaced with Bilstein and ipd respectively.

Exhaust adapter completed and components have been painted. I added a flex joint after the headpipe. From the headpipe back it is a 240 Turbo system.

Front suspension has been removed, painted and poly bushings have been installed. Reassembled front suspension with ipd springs and Bilstein HD struts, new strut mounts and 15A's strut plates.

I followed this tutorial to remove the control arm bushings and it worked well:

The large rear bushings for the front control arm come out best if you evenly heat the bushing sleeve to break the rubber/metal bond and then they push out easily. I tried pressing out the bushing first without heating it and it was rather difficult. Hindsight is 20/20.

Here is the Bilstein gland nut tool (p/n E4-MS08/6). After calling Bilstein USA, they directed me to Turner Motorsport where I bought it for $10 shipped.

Also added some euro turn signal lenses.
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