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Originally Posted by WAGONRACER View Post
Over here a 15g turbo is around 100 , an 18t maybe 200..
Have to admit that is pretty cheap.

Originally Posted by WAGONRACER View Post
The T cam gives a very short powerband it's rubbish in a manual
In other words, you are proposing this list for narrow group of users? Those that will run a manual?

Hard and fast declarations don't take into account how the guy or gal is going to drive the car. Big number cars with peaky power bands aren't easy to drive. If your audience is one that doesn't really have the money, they are probably younger and don't really have the skill either to match revs on downshifts as an example and generally (smoothly) keep the engine spinning in the meat of it's power.

A wide broad spread of power is going to mean the car is easier to drive fast.

I would love to see these staged build ups also focus on braking, suspension, and how to drive without killing someone. Youtube is full of vids showing bro's with more power than skill.
For all you Dijkstra fanboys:

Knuth also cites a letter sent to him by Dijkstra, in which the latter adds some nuance to this earlier statements: "Please don't fall into the trap of believing that I am terribly dogmatical about [the go to statement]. I have the uncomfortable feeling that others are making a religion out of it, as if the conceptual problems of programming could be solved by a single trick, by a simple form of coding discipline!"
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