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Almost all UK turbos are manual , honda manage to sell plenty of cars with narrow power bands , especially to young kids .

This guide is predominantly focused towards manual cars , let's say making them a better rival towards something like a sierra cosworth , obviously suspension and brakes plays a massive part but this guide doesn't cover that .
945 se b200ft
944 wentworth b200ft
944 TURBO b230ft
945 se b200ft
744 gl b23* carb
964 executive b6303
945 sports edition b230ft
744 gl b200e
S60 se b5204t5
945 2.3t b230fk
V70 awd R b5234
764 turbo intercooler b230ft
945 b230fk
945 celebration r reg b230fk
745 gl b200e
244 gl b21
944 wentworth b200ft
945 wentworth b200ft
S80 b5244s m56
944 h reg gl b230fb
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