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Exclamation T5 mid-swap questions...

Lads. Car is a 1993 245.

I yanked my auto box today and have my T5 all prepped and ready to go in.

With the wiring on the automatic shifter... what wires do what? Can I cut them? Do I need them? I have to assume one is for reverse, but the box has a reverse light switch on it. Some of the others are prob the neutral safety switch? I remembered someone saying these were sweden colors, but it seems there are more wires... so I'm unsure.

Flywheel issue seems solved.
I have JohnV's billet flywheel, and a Kennedy Stage 2 Pressure plate. Thing is... this pressure plate looks like it's for a dog dished type of flywheel, but JohnV's wheel is flat.

Am I missing something? I was under the impression that Kennedy Stage 2 was Kennedy Stage 2... do I have a non-compatible pressure plate?

Also... does anyone have a torque spec for the flywheel bolts? Should I use threadlocker? Couldn't find a spec in the book.

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