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Two videos of our event last Sunday. I am getting familiar with the limits of the new tires I have on. My first 5 runs were all very close in time at approximately 38.5 seconds. Run 6 was my last run and I knew from the previous 5 runs how to put it all together into one seamless run. I took 1.5 seconds off in that last run. Some of the mistakes can be seen in run 5. At the end of the 2nd straightaway being 5 feet deeper into the entrance of the hard left turn screwed up the next 3 turns. It is a huge mistake may people made. I'm probably doing 70 mph and then braking hard before doing a 110 degree left turn. That mistake alone cost me .6 seconds when you add up the next three turns. Run 6 I was right on my apexes in every turn. I need more power. I'm running flat out in both straightaways. One of our club members showed up in his new to him, Audi R8. I need one of those. That thing accelerates so quick it is hard to keep in the center of the camera field. I'll post up a video of that car running once I get it down loaded. My phone battery was dying so I only got video of most of one run.

Run 5 with several little mistakes.

Run 6 with everything pretty much spot on.

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