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I am afraid you also need to know that nor Volvo, nor anyone can supply you any parts. The M90's tend to leak on the clutch side of the gearbox, draining all oil and wreck the gearbox and then you are screwed. Volvo only gives interchangeble gearboxes for a whopping 1200 euro.

I did fitted the M90 in my Volvo 240. No mod's needed for the bodywork, it just slotted in. I took the gearboxmember from an automatic tranny. This has a flat surface, giving good support for the M90 mount.

I modified the clutch pedal. Moved it upwards into the upper hole of the pedalbox, made the pedal longer, turned the lever upside down and more to the right. Fitted an hydraulic cilinder from a 260. And that was about it. Ow, I made a new "brake" hose. If you are smart with the connections you'll make something nice for sure.

I also made the linking shorter. I just cutted it to length and spalked it with a bracket. The link for the selection was cut and rewelded.

But now I am all done with it. The gearbox is whining in 2, getting out of 3, synchro of 4 is gone (or spacing is bad). And I cannot get spares.

Can anyone help me on numbers of synchro's and bearings ?
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