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Okay, I am picking up my parts car next weekend. This writeup is great and it is not too difficult to translate what you have said here for the 6 cyl swap. I am anxious to get this thing going and for now, it will be easier since I have the entire car to pull parts from, as well as all of the wiring, etc. As for space concerns, I hope to mount my engine straight up and down with no slant. I will be n/a for now with the possibility of a supercharger down the road.
I am subscribing to this thread now and hope to learn as well as contribute to it as I get started with my project.

Notes for my intentions:
-Mount I-6 perpendicular to x member.
-Mount I-6 without cutting firewall.
-Use stock 960 transmision and all control boxes.
-Add tone ring to 240 diff to control trans.
-Use dash and instr cluster from 960.
-Use all 960 accessories (alt, ps pump a/c comp)
-Modify 960 driveshaft with 240 rear half.

I think I am on the right track, but feel free to correct me if something seems unrealistic.

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