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Default 1990 240 sedan will not start

Picked up a 1990 240 sedan with 152K miles. Has sat for a little over 2 years.

Why it sat story: Car was bought at an auction by a small local dealer. Dealer drove it for 6 months as his daily for errands and such. Ran great according to the dealer (and a couple friends of mine that can verify). He decided to put it on the lot for sale. 2 days later a guy test drove it and agreed to a price. Went to bank to get money....dealer tried to start the car to move it to wash it off and it would not crank.

Hasnt started up since. Over 2 years.

I picked up the car as its straight, 75% good paint, and the interior is mint.

The lot mechanic did some "diagnostic" work....swapped high pressure fuel pump, ran a power wire from the fuse strip to bypass the fuel pump relay to no avail.

What I have done...

Check for broken timing belt: Cam shaft is rotating.
Compression: Do not have a compression gauge...but I am getting exhaust crumbles blowing out the back as I crank....but plan to check compression with gauge.

Check for Fuel: Both fuel pumps run and there is fuel being moved to the fuel rail (tank was essentially empty and I put in 5 gallons). Currently jumping the power from the red wire to the red/yellow wire at the fuel pump relay to get power to the fuel pumps.

Check for Spark: No spark. Visual checked 25amp fuse...good...checked with meter...no pass through of voltage. Replaced 25 amp fuse/holder with a new inline fuse and waterproof holder.

NOW have spark.

Have spark and fuel...will not crank.

Disconnected the MAF...no change in behavior.

Any further ideas? I do not have a Bentley...and I cannot find my old Chilton and Haynes books from my previous 240's...so I've been working from memory...and google searches.

Chris M.
North Carolina

2006 V50
1992 240 Sedan SOLD
1985 235 "Big Lucy" Sold
1986 245GL "Blueberry" RIP
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First things, fuel pump relay and RPM sensor
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cranking means the starter rotates the crankshaft
turns over means the same
Originally Posted by lummert View Post
Dammit, Lummert.
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Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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I have bypassed the fuel pump relay, jumping the 12v to the pumps as well as 12V to the AMM. Have fire at the plugs. Fuel at the rail.

The car is still not running. Will turn over/crank...but not sound like a tractor.
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Squirt fuel or starter fluid in throttle body. You can remove vacuum line at the top of throttle body. See if it turns on
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