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Default first project - 82 242 GLT

I'm just starting my first project project, .. its a 82 242 GLT (Canadian car non turbo but with with B23E). I'm new to working on cars, but my kids are all now finished school so I have more time available, and it's a nice break after a long week at the office.

I bought the 242 in fall 2017, but got side tracked with a few other things including getting a 84 240 GLE as my daily driver. I got my feet wet with a bunch of maintenance on the 240.

The 242 was marginally running when I bought it, it was leaking coolant inside the block and oil was milky. Body not too bad considering it's age, but still a lot of work. The previous owner had modified the hood and front grill to a flat-hood with round headlights of a late 70's.

Finally I'm getting started on the 242. My rough plan

- rebuild the engine
- restore engine bay - spend a bit more time with the idea if all goes well with engine rebuild, not to remove engine a 2'nd time
- rest of body; grind and/or cut out rust, weld in new panels as necessary - paint with rattle-can, goal is to stop rust, but don't invest too much time into bodywork yet
- install engine, and drive the project a few 1000km's to make sure re-build has no major issues
- have some fun with the car and figure out next step, . is it bodywork/aesthetics, or more performance

Hopefully I can get some tips along the way.

So far I have the engine+transmission out, and I've removed the head and all the engine auxiliaries, and have it on a stand. Next I'm going to finish disassembling the block and clean it up, and figure out what needs to get machined.

First question, how do you upload photos, below it says I may not post attachments.

First real question, what performance upgrades should I consider at this stage? Stuff that would be a real pain to do with the engine back in the car.

I'm thinking of getting the restoration kit from KG Trimning (all gaskets, bearings, rings). Is it good value? Or any other suggestions?
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Welcome! 242 projects are always a nice treat. Search "Stage 0" and start there. The search on the site can be dodgy, but you can find what you need using google to search the site like this:

Site:forums.turbobricks.com (search text)

Put that in google search bar and it will search the site for keywords, like this:

Site:forums.turbobricks.com stage 0

Really good way to find what you need.

As far as uploading images, you can if you are a contributing member, most use an image hosting site (Like Imgur) and past the BB code links to view pics.
1980 242 Turbo
2004 V70R

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If you need it, I have a NOS 242 rear quarter panel. Passenger side. It's posted in my Post-iPd sale thread in the for sale section.

Got the turbo version of your car, currently waiting for me to reinstall the head on it.

1982 242Ti - black, M46. 1985 245Ti - blue, M46. Formerly Blue245Ti, 245GT-Turbo, and, originally 242GT-Ti.
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I love 242 s, keep us posted
(use Irish accent)
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Thanks for the feedback guys

A couple of photos

Previous owner had installed flat hood and new grill with round head lights. I'll keep it like this

Partially disassembled engine

I downloaded and printed out TP30170-2, TP30163-2 and TP30156-2 ... from https://ozvolvo.org/archive/ .. massive amount of info there

Hopefully I can finish the disassembly and start cleaning parts this weekend. I don't have a parts-washer yet, but I saw a youtube video of someone using a siphon spray blowgun with mineral spirits with decent results, so I'll give that a try to start with.

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Welcome. Nice to see another 2dr project car on board.
1982 242 turbo. 340k miles. Good stuff and lots of rust.
1993 245 Classic, 420k miles, enem V15. IPD bars and chassis braces. Simons sport exhaust from Scandix. sbabbs ezk chip. Been a good road warrior. Genuine Volvo rebuilt leaky M47.
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Nice to see another one of our favorite cars getting love! Welcome, you are in the right place for sure! Its a good car to learn how to wrench on, pretty simple systems overall.
Feedback thread https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=144924

1979 242 B21 on MS, waiting on L33
2006 V50 T5 AWD 16 PSI +
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