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Default 1982 245 high idle has led me to discover

So I have a 1982 245 non-turbo automatic. The idle has been high as of late -- and insanely high in park/neutral. It was running slightly high but I recently had the rubber sleeve come off the air flow sensor and when I resealed that properly the idle was just super high once it warms up.

I bought it from someone who purchased it from a Volvo shop in Portland that obviously pieced together what she had in mind and repainted it. They knew she wasn't a mechanic and wouldn't notice any of the weird 'fixes' they did as they would do any repair work on it. Lots of weirdness as I've tried to fix/solve problems that have emerged. From screws being used where plastic pieces should be to cut wires/etc/etc.

So while I was trying to solve this I discovered this rigging:

Which from what I can figure out is this?

Am I correct in that? It seems like this auxiliary air valve is gone?

I also discovered this 'fix':

Which appears to be a bolt essentially 'sealing' a hose.

Which I think is this?

But I haven't been able to figure out what it is exactly?

Also -- I haven't been able to find an idle adjustment screw.
Any ideas on that for this model? From what I can find it should be underneath the injector?
I have also seen an illustration that seems to have it in line with the auxiliary air valve?

I am not an experienced mechanic at all. Part of why I bought an older 240 was for the ease of working on them and trying to learn more -- the other 90% was just my general love of them.

I recently moved from Portland to Philadelphia so I no loner have the HUGE resource of mechanics both professional and amateur that Philadelphia does not have. So I'm trying to solve as much of this on my own as I can.
Also the streets of Philadelphia are brutal and I think have played a role in whatever is going on now.

The bolt in the hose at the front of the air flow sensor/etc -- it seems likely that when they put that bolt in there it ate into the rubber and made a good seal but now has came unseated 100%.

I had posted on another forum and they told me this is the best spot to ask about older k-jet engines especially with the k-jet website gone.

ANY help/thoughts/advice would be amazing.

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I've got 2 '82s and both have high idle issues so I am following this thread. My deaf-leading-the-blind contributions:

1. Check for vacuum leaks; visual inspection, smoke tests, carb cleaner method, whatever. Check vacuum lines, check the intake manifold gasket, check the injector seals

2. Invest in a K-Jet fuel pressure testing rig. Search the threads - I know there's at least one good how-to guide on this forum for rigging and using a fuel pressure tester

3. Bench test your components before throwing parts and effort at stuff. If you have an idle air control motor and/or idle switch, bench test those with a 12v source. Search the web for how to do it (I'd tell you how but I'd have to consult the web myself to do so). It's also unclear from your pictures whether you have an IAC or an idle air valve... I'd assume you've got the same engine as in my '82s (B21F-9/F-MPG) but you don't have the telltale white distributor cap for the Chrysler ignition system

4. Do not mess with the K-Jet unless you know what you are doing. Especially that mixture control screw aft of the air flow sensor plate. That is not an idle speed adjustment.

5. That bolt going into your air flow sensor/fuel distributor - probably some jerry-rig because the three mounts that support the unit are prone to failure with the rubber dampers splitting, leaving the unit to hang instead of sitting on a mount at those mounting points. I've seen 3 of those type of fuel distributors on 240s and on each only 2/3 of those mounts were good. Shouldn't affect the idle...

6. Finally, a lot of people will tell you to "clean your flame trap". You will find a plastic oil separator housing (or rather, you will feel it, as you can't see anything under that manifold) beneath your intake manifold that pulls up from the block (don't lose the o-rings) and is attached to a vacuum line on top. It's hard to access anything under the manifold, and a PITA to take it off, but try getting at that oil separator, cleaning it out, and reattaching it. It didn't work for me but it might be a good thing to do...

Good luck - interested in hearing updates
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Oh I forgot to mention - that hose coming out of the front of your throttle body (your first picture), which I can only imagine is going up through the intake runners to the IAC - I'm suspicious about how kinked it is. You may want to check that out, and possibly also clean out your IAC (if you have one) with a good solvent.
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Mr. V
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If you decide you need to get the opinion of a local, independent Volvo mechanic as to the problem, the two I'd recommend are Vol-Tech on Lombard or MVP in Multnomah.

Oh, let me guess: did the prior owner perchance buy the car from a combined parts yard, repair shop and sales lot on Columbia Blvd.?
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