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Simple thing to check: Is the breather hose in place on the intake elbow that goes between the fuel distributor boot and the coupler on the compressor side of the turbo? If not, insert it into the hole and see if the car runs.

If that's ok, then I'd look at timing, fuel, etc.


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Originally Posted by snailmale View Post
Came back to it only to find a flat battery. Engine cranks, it struggles to fire, and it dies. 10 years was a good run.
Don't give up, there is a perfectly logical reason for what is going on. Get that battery charged, can just idle another a car next to it with jumper cables for a bit.

Check for the magic 3 elements, air fuel and spark.

Assuming your in-tank and inline pump are good and have adequate voltage, and fuel filter new/flowing, we can work our way toward troubleshooting injectors or spark related issues. Given the age of your vehicle it is prone to wiring harness failure, so we just gotta find where it's shorting if that's the case.

It's a puzzle. Put 12v where it needs to be and things should be ok! ;) May need to build some jumper wires to test against the internal loom, but you get the point.
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