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Originally Posted by LC4CARL View Post

PM me your address and I'll send you the bushings.
I'm in no rush, my new shop space is out in Camas so I'll be on your side of town more often
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Originally Posted by Wilford Brimley View Post
Not great...hey that's china for ya
By disconnecting the manifold signal from the WG actuator, have I ruled out a misadjusted or weak actuator as the cause of lower than expected peak boost?

+/- 14 psi surge / leveling off at +/- 12 seems go be about it. I tightened the actuator push rod adjuster three, 360* turns, shorter with no change. At some point, adjusting the MBC netted no change.

Maybe this is the peak performance of this set up. If so, I am happy with that. It runs great.

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