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Really this, I followed one guy struggling with his LH EZK stuff and modified chips. Live without logging is hell when tuning a engine. Cost for Ostrich, WB-lambda and big working AMM is not that much cheaper than having entry level ECU.

LH world is somehow close Commodore64. Nice to have as a hobby, and could be nice entertainment.
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forced instruction
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Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
it's LH2.4. There is probably a performance chip you could use that ignores the sensor. Check with sbabbs or thelostartof.
Nope. And no way to cheat its output. Has been tried in a number of ways years ago...
Originally Posted by tomasss View Post
Any ideas? Wanted to measure mine but found out it is actually already shot...going to disassemble it and try to make it work at least for the measurement....
I was about to tell you not to open that and than I saw you already did... Proprietary IC's, Pentatronics that made those sensors is long defunct, last time one was available, it was ~1300€...

Originally Posted by OttoB View Post
Sensor is /was expensive from Volvo, like 700€/$. Some say it is K-type thermocouple, so there might be cheaper solutions.

I would throw away all Lh stuff and get more modern ECU.
Sensor should be a thermocouple, I still think, but what gets us is that integrated proprietary controller...

Originally Posted by OttoB View Post
LH world is somehow close Commodore64. Nice to have as a hobby, and could be nice entertainment.
This sums it up.

Tomas, I've replied to your PM just before seeing this thread...
Jetronic is romantic.
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Originally Posted by Kjets On a Plane View Post
Originally Posted by AdmiralSenn View Post
I think I might be too stupid to own a car.
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We'll I could take the 16v turbo fuel map out of the stock bin and put it in say a 937 turbo 8v bin and then burn a chip and you could put that in any 9xx 8v ECU like 937,954,967,984 and wouldn't that be the same mostly except for no EGTC? Might be a few other maps to change, but are those critical? Wouldn't that work? So I'm saying use modified 8v ECU with 16v maps instead of 16v ECU. And use manual boost controller also.

LH is 8051 I think the commodore64 was a few bits more. But I know nothing about commodore64's. I did 6502 apple II's. 8 bit assembly and Basic and dos.
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Originally Posted by nordmaschine View Post
Tomas, I've replied to your PM just before seeing this thread...
Thanks. It's quite clear to me that cheating the TCU is not a big deal...just remove the EBC solenoid and replace it with MBC and bypass the LH<->EZK signals that goes through TCU and done. No matter what TCU wants to do, it can't do anything anymore.

But cheating the LH in my opinion has to be done in the software. I am currently in contact with two chip modders and they are both stating they can disable the EGTC check if I want. I still need more investigation with them, once I know more I will updated it here.

I was originally considering making some PWM/PAM circuit that will feed the pin with some constant "normal" signal but as I am anyways going to bypass the TCU and chip the LH/EZK this solution above would be cleaner.
Volvo 740 Turbo B204GT 1991 >project thread<
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Originally Posted by Wren View Post
I would rather push a 240 than drive a V70.
lazy PRV engine? Check >this< out

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