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T5 decel rattle is GONE!
I installed the large slip yoke damper. I found one attached to a driveshaft from a 94 V6 Mustang (most I saw had the smaller damper, YMMV). This yoke seems to be the same as the Ranger damper, but has 1310 u-joints.
I had previously raised the tail of the transmission as much as I could, and needed to remove approx 1/8" of spacers to make the damper fit. As others have noted, the x-member needs to be lowered to remove/install the driveshaft.
I re-adjusted the pinion angle using the Tremec app. All checked out ok, and no more decel rattle. w00t.

1998 V70 T5
1979 242 DL 16v


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