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Add another one to the list!

Located in Phoenix and thankfully have T-ran helping me with the restoration.

Its a 1978 but must be a very early model as some 1978 parts (like brake lines) do not fit and we had to use 1977 stuff.

VIN is: VC 242 45L 112 9201

This is my second 242GT... the other one I purchased new in 1978, drove it for just shy of 10 years then sold it before I headed over to Berlin Germany on my new career. Girlfriend I sold it to drove it for two weeks then some jerk ran a red light, T-boned her and she walked away without a scratch... the Volvo did its job but its gone for good now.
Bought a new 242GT in 1978, drove it for 10 years until I had to go overseas. 30 years later miss it and finally found one!
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