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My god! That's a huge spreadsheet. Certainly seems like the opposite of guessing which I like. I'll try and decode it when I get to doing the front coilovers, hopefully this winter.

Got the new alternator in so we're back in action! Also found a low miles crashed 99 S70 so I took the coils and harness which isn't falling apart. Also got the thermostat housing which has the 2 ports, but found out the 98- sensor is too long for the lower port. Not sure if I can get away with taking some material off the front....

Took the car for a longer trip yesterday. Having cold start challenges, and the fan seems to run all the time, so I'm going to test the coolant sensor today, guessing it's failed in the hot position.

Car has the expected T5 transmission rattle at ~2100-2400rpm, I'll try and fine tune the drive angles and see if I can make it any happier
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