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Pics from picking up the journal, August 13, 2014:

On the way, I stopped to look at this in the area above Chesapeake City.

Leah and friend (me and names...we don't get along so well) in Ali Baba, Newark DE.

Joe (old iron) reading the journal next to an amazingly clean 245. He will write in it soon, it was a bit much on short notice. This was near Milford DE.

Ikea/Home Depot Gathering, Sept. 13, 2014:
Paul Schuh broke down in his Travelall on the way to Ikea in College Park, it seemed to be a fuel pump.

My new clutch was about to be broken in. It was a right steep hill.

Steve Noe (SteveMD), Barb, and Paul.

Burley Oak Brewery, Berlin MD during H2Oi, Sept. 27th, 2014.
Michael Towery (out of the pic), Ben Kaplan, Pete (Flying Tog), Chris Perry (woodenpudden).

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dornald blormpf bad because he has spine xd
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I think that's a bit of a stretch to put him in the phylum chordata.

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