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Originally Posted by NONHOG View Post
I painted some old "American racing" vintage wheels (inside) with Hammerite to try and solve a mystery air leak. Didn't work but I bet you might have access to something to coat the insides?

Got room underneath for a wave termination pre muffler? Like FF from Portland did.

When I'm better I'll be shooting you a text for a ride in that bad boy!
I know where the leaks are at. Right where some (previous) knucklehead thought heíd try to weld up a crack. His welds were so dirty that itís leaking through the porosity. The problem Iím having is when I try to just partially dig out his weld and replace with my own Iím still getting his junk in my welds. I THINK I got the last of it. Dunk tank looked good. Iím gonna throw it on and see if it stays up.

I tried reading the article attached as to what the chamber does, but on my phone the pictures (figure references) donít align well and I almost fell asleep reading it. Iíll have to try again from a desktop later. Traveling back to VA soon for work. Iíll have plenty of plane time to take another peek.
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