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Originally Posted by mocambique-amazone View Post
Hi Tfrasca, You have to lower the lower Ball joint, not to raise the top one. I've got cold and can't go into my frozen workshop soon, sorry about this.
I tried to order "longer" Ball joints for the Amazon and the 140/164 in the past to change the roll center. They would do it, If I order a big quantity af them. If I win in the lotterie I will order them....
race stuff would be more easy to get, no chance to get this permitted on the German roads.
The 140/164 front suspension is waaaay better than the Amazon, with correct spindles a joy and pleasure to ride. Softer springs and bigger arb's is the rule. Fun fun fun. i'm running a 144 with power steering and modifed front axle and won't modify anything anymore. My 142 is raised now, a new front suspension for this reason and the old one is in the workshop, under rear axles and front axles and..... a mountain of staff.
Regards, Kay
I have a big front sway bar (iPD), and my springs might actually be a little too stiff. I just did all the bushings and ball joints, and it already feels a lot better than it did. It would be cool to get longer ball joints though. I doubt there's enough demand to have a run of them made, though.
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