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Originally Posted by Lankku View Post
Tfrasca, how low is your car?

I built a 142 couple years back. It was decently low and wandered pretty badly when changing lanes or braking while changing lanes. It was terrible to drive especially with studded winter tires, felt like front end was floating on a layer of jelly. I changed new front springs which lifted the front around 1.5cm. All the wandering and vague steering feel disappeared.

This was the height before lifting the front:

Yeah fender and door do not line up correctly, fiberglass fender.

24mm front swaybar, no rear sway bar, poly bushings here and there, Gaz adjustable shocks all round, thick MB front springs, upgraded idler arm bushing, etc. No modifications to ball joints or other places, just a bit more caster with upper control arm adjustments.
My car WAS maybe a bit lower than that. But I recently put 1" spring spacers in it to lift the front up. It did help a bit with the wallowing feel. I hope to get it aligned next week so I can really see how it does with all new stuff.
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