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All the gauges
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I spec'ed out all my stuff for a '88 WC T5 from, that's all I know about it really. I probably took just over 5mm off the shaft itself. It came out to be almost all of the chamfer on the the end of the shaft. My precision machining was done with an angle grinder and a steady hand lol. You could tell when I bolted it together, I thought it was just tight on the dowel pins at first, but then it wouldn't go in any gear at all.

The clutch is a 850R pp and that custom disk as listed above. Idk how much I took off of the bearing retainer, the Tilton tob doesn't slide on the shaft so I don't need as much as you would for a manual release setup.

So far I love the release bearing. It's paired to one of their overhung pedal sets and they work really well together. I ended up going this route because there are so many reviews of others on Summit etc. of problems with leaking.
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Cool car. Smells period correct. Would follow through twisties again. A+
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