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Originally Posted by Ghettobird View Post
How much of the loom can I remove and still be able to run the engine off stock management?
The 240's are pretty basic, so there isnt too much that would need to be rigged up, Would the car run perfectly fine without the c70's dash, climate control and extra bits hooked up?
Because of your questions, and because I'm planning the same thing soon, I've been digging in to the wiring diagrams. It looks pretty straight forward to me, in terms of just disconnecting what you don't want and cutting it out of the harness. Get the right power to the right places and you should be golden.

Like on the 98 there is no CANBUS so out of the ecu there's a tach signal, temp signal, CEL signal, oil light, stuff like that. I haven't figured it all out yet but I haven't seen anything that throws any big red flags. I think making the tach work will probably be the hardest thing. Assuming you want the tach to look stock.
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