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Just some general information about things I've run into during my swap. When installing the trans the first time the input shaft bottomed out in the back of the crankshaft. This is with a brand new (albiet aftermarket) input shaft. I've got one each of the Deeworks and Muellers adapters, and they're both roughly the same thickness so that's not it. I solved the problem by shaving down the end of the shaft slightly.

Next problem was the nose of the bearing retainer bottomed out on the clutch disk that I got from California Custom Clutch. It wasn't holding it up much (~5mm), but it was enough to cause a wtf moment and some head scratching. That was easily cut down to size as well.

I'm also running the Tilton 6000 series hydraulic release bearing, I think several others have done the same. I'm not sure if it's common with this type of bearing, but the lines inside the bell housing are CLOSE to the pressure plate. I drilled one set of pass through holes in the bell housing and had to relocate them closer to the trans due to interference. Seems fine as of now.
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