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As for the speed sensor, Ive had the M1.8 B6304 running in my car for the past 2 months and I can share these notes so far:

I have not hooked up the speed sensor OR the in cabin gear selector module, therefore the TCM will revert to "Emergency mode" which consists of 100% line pressure shifts at all time (Really not that harsh at all) and NO automatic lockup converter engagement. The transmission uses its own gear selector sensor and speed sensor to prevent 1st gear engagement at too high vehicle speed.

The transmission will shift perfectly fine without the VSS or gear selector sensor (In cab - NOT on box) hooked up, it uses its own internal speed sensor and will carry out economy shift patterns like normal.

I have hooked up the lockup converter solenoid to a spare switch on the dash, this pretty much renders mucking around with the VSS pointless for me.

I can also confirm that injector cutoff on decel also still works without the VSS, when I let off at high enough RPM, my wideband clearly shows the injectors shutting off and resuming operation again when I press on the throttle, or idle rpm is greater than vehicle speed (Vehicle creep)

Im now looking into if M1.8 will adapt to non stock injectors being dropped in like the LH2.4 cars do oh so well, what have your experiences been with using the stock management on turbo builds @Lankku? Ive got some bosch 550s that Id like to throw in and see how the ECU handles them

Loving the 6 in the 240 so far, Its a little boring with the auto, but that'll change soon enough hopefully

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