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Vizard's exhaust science article has been around for a while. I don't think the Sunbeam chamber has much to do with muffling, but rather acts like (what Vizard calls a) pressure wave termination box - allowing pressure wave termination past the collector, so that eventual downstream exhaust components (muffler, piping, tail pipe length, etc.) placement and muffler style don't negatively impact upstream exhaust tuning. All this, as Vizard would say, for more effective chamber exhaust scavenging, which in turn helps pump up the intake side of things. Back in the day when I first read the Super Chevy article I had the same question you did - how much 'volume' is required in the term box? I reached out to Vizard at that time (it's been 10-15 years) and got a polite, but obscure response that seemed to point to volume of each box (V8 - 2 needed for dual system) needed to be equal to the cubic inch displacement of the engine - which took up a lot of unavailable real estate. So I gave up on it.

Given what you've shown us so far -- seems your focus should be on a muffler design that creates the sound quality you want without objectionable drone or flow limitations.
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