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Originally Posted by Karl Buchka View Post

Power steering

I have no personal experience with anything in this section, so take it with a grain of salt. Running a 240 power rack with an unmodified whiteblock pump apparently works without issue. I have spoken with a Swede who has done this successfully. You will need to have a custom high pressure line made up by a hydraulic shop, and the intake manifold may need to have a small, unused mounting boss ground off to fit the pump. A new upper radiator hose might also be needed.
I know this is possibly something that has been thought of, but I honestly can't find evidence. Why not use the 960 high pressure line? It has a banjo at one end and the proper threaded fitting at the other. Also, the late 240 power steering pump looks an awful lot like the 960 pump...would it possibly bolt up?
[edit] It totally looks like it might bolt up. It's the same pump, IMO. The high pressure outlet is reversed though.[/edit]

1991 240

1994 960

It's part #7, Volvo part # 9191450. It's available a lot cheaper in the aftermarket too.
1984 244/ AQ140A / M46

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