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Originally Posted by SML View Post
Well, depends on what your goals are, but most folks don't wanna cut up their fenders and extend their wheel base so fitment matters quite a bit, hence the advice to research the fitment.

As far as picking a suspension, find a car that handles well in its stock form, then prioritize aftermarket support, then prioritize price and availability. Presumably, an IRS will perform the same under any chassis so long as the angles don't change. Subframes make this the easiest since you have no cutting, measuring, rewelding and fabrication to do apart from making sure the whole thing is mounted correctly (usually four bolts to worry about as opposed to sixteen angles and spacing if you attempt to modify the suspension subframe and reuse its parts with your own mounting brackets).

IMHO it's a little over the top to nitpick exact specs. If you're going from solid axle to IRS, any decent handling donor car will make a significant upgrade in drivability and handling.

I chose my setup because I bought an S13 for its engine, which I sold, then decided to swap suspension instead, then bought a 300zx to upgrade said suspension and decided to keep its suspension instead. Not exactly a linear path of thinking but in the end, it's an improvement over my 1965 rusted suspension geometry by several magnitudes.
I was thinking along these lines, all the nissan IRS cars can be made to handle as you need. there is tons of aftermarket support, and are extremely adjustable. If you havent, check out some of the stuff PBM has engineered, they have some wild stuff these days
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