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Originally Posted by bugjam1999 View Post
Hi all,

Just a couple of questions before I launch into this...

Do stock leads work with the Bosch 2x2 coil from the front page? Apologies if Iíve missed the answer...

Also- mounting the coil- Iíve seen plates added over the top of
The rocker cover on long nuts and Iíve seen coils bolted to the firewall... has anyone got anything good or bad to say about either? Might as well ask before making a plate or drilling holes...

Depends on which car you're talking about. 740/940: yes. 240: no.

The coil end of the plug wires are different between the two. The Bosch 2x2 coil uses the 740/940 type, meaning the post on the coil is the same as what's on a 740/940 distributor.

If you have a 240 with wasted spark (as I do), you can use a set of 240 wires if you change the coil end connectors to the 740/940 style.
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