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I've seen YouTube diy stuff... And I've done a bit of paint work in my days, I dunno either, I was thinking upholstery work for the door cards, and just do the seats custom... I was considering doing a cage and taking out the back seat, but I'm unsure til I get to the interior part... And carpet... I'm sure easy peasy for an upholsterer... I guess the dash and plastics are gonna be the tough part... Maybe if I can find a single spare plastic panel, I can do some testing first so I don't ruin any of my originals...

I would goto the junk yards and look, but 240s are becoming more rare... I remember a decade ago there were rows and rows of them, hard to come across a pair of them at a yard now.... And the 240s are mostly interchangeable with the 242... I mean hell on my 70s I put a 95 alternator once... The interchange is insane on Volvo's unlike any other car manufacturer I believe....
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