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Default Oil Smoke from the Exhaust.

Hello all. I have an 83 245 that I've +t'd with lh 2.2 and ezk, and a 15g on a b230f. I was running up to highway speed a little more aggressively than normal, and it was running lean on the wideband. I got a power cut, followed by an enormous, continuous cloud of white smoke out the exhaust.

I assumed I popped the headgasket, so I replaced that, and put in a freshly cleaned/milled head I had laying about. Started it up, same white cloud at idle nearly from start up. Car stumbles lightly when you blip the throttle followed by lots of fairly white oil smelling smoke.

Since then I have done:
- a compression test, getting 145-145-130-135.
-Checked the pcv hoses - pretty clear, but some oil in the small vacuum line going to the check valve. A normal? amount of smoke coming out at idle when vented to atmosphere.
-Done the glove test on the oil filler, and gotten pretty substantial positive pressure.
-Had smoke coming out of the cylinders when removing the plugs to check comp.

My thought process going into the above checks, was that it was either the PCV, the turbo seals, or the rings. Given that there was smoke in the combustion chamber, there wasn't substantial smoke coming out of the pcv hose, and there was varied compression. My though was the rings as the culprit.

Before I pull the motor and the head again, is there anything else I should check to eliminate the turbo and pcv as the cause of the smoke? The turbo is recently rebuilt. And I think I cleaned the breather box when I did the initial +t.
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Looks like the compression is a bit low for a N/A engine.
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