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Question Clutch Chatter and Slipping.

Hey, this is on an 85 245 m46. And I wanted to see if yall had any ideas about what's going on with my clutch. the symptoms include when I step on it in 3rd gear or over sometimes the trans starts to slip and vibrates like you are going over those reminder bumps on the side of the road. Second, when starting in 1st gear the car stutters and this is what I would guess is clutch chatter. I did replace the clutch cable because I thought it was stretching because the fork is supposed to move 1-4 mm and was more so I would have to tighten it every few days.
I replaced it and it seems to be doing the same thing. the clutch in the car is only a few months old and the same with the throwout bearing. and ideas would be amazing, thank you been chasing this thing for months.
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Was the rear main seal on the engine replaced? Was it a quality part like the oem volvo seal? Oil on the clutch can make it chatter and slip. A new clutch is ruined in only a short time if there is oil getting on it.

If that is not the problem. The other thought is that you have the clutch adjusted too tight. The 1-4mm you describe is the free play of the cltuch release bearing arm. The arm moves a great distance when actuating the clutch. In order for the clutch too function properly there should be 1-4 mm of free play at the arm when the clutch pedal isn't being depressed.
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