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Default Power steering fluid spraying out of reservoir.

Our Lemons car is a +t 245, and has been without power steering for many years. Recently we added back the power steering with an ac delete bracket. I was reminded of one of the reasons we eliminated the PS in the first place, since there was fluid in the engine bay, appearing to be coming from the res.

I think I may try to find an ud pulley, but I am assuming that an under drive pulley will need to be fabricated, or sourced custom. However, if anybody has one please let me know. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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Harry Tuttle
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Is it a Saginaw pump? In my experience that is a common mode of failure for those. I don't understand it, but I finally figured out what those foam rings that sit around the cap are for. They contain the expelled fluid to running down the reservoir rather than spraying.
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Have you installed a power steering cooler yet? Those are critical imo
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Originally Posted by blkaplan View Post
Have you installed a power steering cooler yet? Those are critical imo
Yeah, your fluid is boiling over. Its a hydraulic system and the excessive (for the design load anyway) steering input is causing the fluid to expand and puke out of the top cap.

Buy a stacked plate type cooler (not fin-tube) and put a thermostatically controlled fan on it. That should solve your problem.
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