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Thumbs down no sparky 1990 244 b230f

i just bought a non running 1990 244 and have been trying to get it started. all fuses are good but fuse #4 gets no power and the ignition control module also gets no power. ive read that on some of the later engines they cut fuel if theres no spark to prevent flooding with repeated cranking so im hoping its just the spark. any ideas?
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Fuse four isn't getting power because the fuel pump relay isn't turning on. That is proper because with no sparik you get no fuel.

Start with a test light on the coil terminal 1 and see if it switches the bulb when cranking. If it does then your problem is with the secondary part ofthe system. Like the coil, coil wire, distributor and rotor.

If no switchcing then you move back to the ignition amp and check there for swtiching input. If the input switching is there and there are no wiring issues. Then the ignition amp may be bad. If there isn't any switching to the amp. Then the ICU or crank speed sensor may be bad.

Always carefully check for pushed out or damaged terminals. Check for corrosion from the battery on the ignition amp which is located in the left front inner fender by the battery.
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The fuse/holder at the battery is where I would start.
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