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Boxcar Man
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Default Rear shocks

Finally got front struts done on my '84 242DL. Went with Bilstein TCs, '79 GT Front springs (RWC), new upper strut bearings and reinforcing plates (from 15A)
(see earlier post about going this route)

GT springs are almost an inch shorter than the original springs but with higher gauge wire and the plates the ride height is about the same if a tad higher. Feels firm and planted with less lean during turn in like when using heavier sway bars.
(Also have Dave's GT style firewall-tower braces installed)

Want to stay with the original soft rear springs but will replace the rear shocks. (looks like OEM hydraulics on there now)

Was going to get matching TC rears but there's been so much negative posting about rattles that I'm hesitant to use them. Thought maybe HDs on the back would work or even KYB Gas-Adjusts to firm things up back there.

Your input is appreciated.
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Adding the lower braces will help the front end a lot as well. Just have to drill a couple of holes in the rear cntrol arm mounting bracket.

The Bilstein HD are soft but have valving that stiffens on big hits. So the ride is firm but comfortable. You won't buy shocks for a long time with them. The longest lasting shock I've used. Another shock I see people using and they seem to be happy is the Sachs super touring. They compete around the price point the bilstein TC are at.

I don't use KYB unless I have to and the Gas adjust ones have a pretty harsh rebound control in my experience.
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Those TCs in the back are no joke. Going over bumps is harsh with the overload springs on too. one wiggled itself loose too. I'm about to go with the longer monroe 37349 and use limiting straps. Hopefully that cools everything down back there.
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