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Default Can a Volvo 245 be converted TO Nivomats?

I have a '78 245 that has came equipped with the towing rear end, and I tend to move lots of heavy things. (Antiques, old appliances, etc) I know they were available on 740s and 940s, but I can't find any data that indicates their availability on 240s, and what would be required to convert them. From what I can tell, it's just a different set of (softer) springs, and the Nivomat shocks. Is that correct, and how would one select the correct components?

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You could just spend $100 on a set of Airlift 1000 rear bags, they are designed for this type of thing
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They were avaiable for 260 series if I recall correctly. Although I've never seen a set for a 260 ever.

Probably best to go with the air shock or helper spring choices. I used to have a set of rear shocks with helper springs on them. That might work well for you. They didn't do much until the car was loaded.

Have you tried a set of rear overload coil springs? They work well and are usually rated for about 300lb more loading capacity.
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Moog does sell a cargo coil set, lookup CC217.
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I dont see why you couldn't convert a set of nivos.

if you can get a set from a solid axle 700 series car, you would just have to drill out the upper pin from 12mm to 1/2" and figure out some spacing adapters at the bottom.

big potential issue would be clearance to the wheel and chassis with the larger nivomat body.
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Nivomats were an option for 240's as were air shocks.

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Buy some old school IPD overloads and call it a day.

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how psi stock cna support?

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I run the overloads on a wagon and they work pretty good. A little rough empty but depends on the road.
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Nivo's were common on 240's. I have taken a lot off and converted to normal rear suspension

A good set of cargo springs is your best bet for heavy loads

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Dont be a wimp, run mercedes or jeep springs on the rear.
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