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Default Idle misfire, very light throttle misfire - only when warmed up

'91 940 turbo, essentially stock except for Shane's fuel chip. It has a cold start injector. I have a copy of the LH2.4 greenbook and a meter, but haven't gone digging because I'm low on time, so I turn to you fine folks for a gentle nudge in the right direction so I can go from there.

Cold idle/driving is fine, and warm idle is fine for a little while; it consistently acts snotty only after sitting warm for a while, with stuff under hood heat soaked. At throttle tip-in, sometimes misfires a bunch, sometimes not, more throttle clears it up, runs fine on the highway. Grounds all pass the jiggle test (will check them all with a meter). Slight gas odor at the FPR.

Will check for obvious large vacuum leaks, TPS function with a meter, the usual ignition suspects before I check back in here.
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Do you have a wideband? Are you seeing anything there?

Have you made any recent changes? What do plugs look like?
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With heat soak electronics can get flaky. Like the ignition amp on the inner fender or the engine speed sensor and air mass sensor. I've had the ignition amp cause a stall and no start for awhile till it cools off. But that would only happen after about 20-30 minutes of driving.
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