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Default '91 745- Non ABS Hub VS ABS Hub

Been wondering this for a while. If needed does the ABS hub have the same offset as the non? And is it a proper/direct fit. Because spacing/offset is all the matters here. If there's no mods to the spindle or brake.

I know I ask a lot of 960 questions but as long as I've been here I've been through my share of TurboBricks. Loved everyone of them 'em. I'll end up with another turbo cause there's nothing like it. My 4th 960 does a great job to fill the void between turbo's. Actually I'd trade My 960 right now for a nice clean turbo wagon. 945-745 version. Hell, I could use another 780 or 960/V90 wagon. A '95-'98 960 V90 is the ultimate wagon to me to me and me alone. You get used to them quick.

'96 960:
Owned 7 yrs., 212K, maintained, EVERYTHING works, drive coast to coast today. The 1 major malfunction with my '91 745 is lack of boost.

Just watched an episode of Lifts&Drift's where they were showing the hub. And that's why I'm thinking now.

My '91 745 is a non ABS hub car. I cannot believe I missed it not having the pump. At home it took about 2 seconds. Would have bought it anyway with only 120K showing 9 yrs ago. Also racked up another 100K on this $1,500 jalopy.

Long way to get to my Question:
If I needed a hub quick (which I don't) and no non hubs around, CAN I substitute an ABS HUB????
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The wheel offset didn't change from a non abs hub to abs hub. So I would think both parts would interchange. Just one won't have the trigger wheel for the abs sensor. The only wheel offset change I know of is in 95 when the 960 got the fwd offset setup for it's suspenstion. Don't think they changed the 940 though as the wheels stayed the same as earlier cars.
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Yes, I know of that change. I had a '92 & '94 at the same time. Other than the engine basically suspension wise the same as the 740 and 940 square body. People seem to be a bit cautious when it comes to that 2.9 straight 6 on the 960. Start with a.100% completely functional car and you'll be rewarded with the best of the last RWD that Volvo had to offer ending in '98. At 80-90 it's just starting to wake up.

Love me some turbo, but like I said the 960 fills the spot nicely between turbo cars
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