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Originally Posted by ZVOLV View Post
Is that boost guage hooked up? I don't see it showing good vacuum.

If your engine was really only running on two cylinders, it would be shaking a LOT. Another trick is to put your hand over the tailpipe. A 4 cylinder is very easy to feel dead misfires in the exhaust stream.

It's really difficult to tell what's going on from here, but that may be a large air leak. I use a smoke machine.

What does the o2 sensor voltage say. I will look at your narrowband sensor reading again in that video. Ok, so I see it going max lean when you rev it. Not revving, and that sesnor pegging lean when you punch the throttle...makes me think lean is your problem.
The boost gauge is indeed hooked up to a vacuum line, and I agree that its weird about the readings on the gauge. I believe the engine is running on all four cylinders at this point, the vibration in the video is due to the poly engine mounts. Ill rig up a smoke machine tomorrow and check for more leaks, but the pressure test I did checked out fine. The 02 is checking out at 12v. I also agree that running lean is the problem, any thoughts as to what could cause this? I know all injectors are firing, and that the main fuel pump is running happily. Thanks
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O2 sensor ranges from 0.1 volts to 0.9v.

It looks like you have a major mechanical issue like a huge air leak. If that guage is hooked up correctly you should see healthy vacuum. When you snap throttle, O2 sensor should go rich for a moment. I saw it peg lean.

It's tough to figure this one out from the bench. Good luck.
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