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Old 07-21-2018, 02:20 PM   #26
740s are Volvos too
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Originally Posted by pat244ti View Post
This picture alone makes me long for a Burgerball revival to happen
Im super down to host one in Motown

Hooters meet in Dublin ~2005

We don't do it for the glory.
Originally Posted by SlowRide View Post
Only two ways to find out...18 bolts or 18psi
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I'll do mine in chronological order

The day I got my 244 in February 2003

First official meet, Davis 2003. From right to left - VolvoRacer82 [Ryan, still here] with his maroon 242, I forget the dude with the gold 244's name [Vasir14?] I just remember Doug would always call him a squirrel, and my 244 next to him [2 months into 240 ownership, I was already blacking **** out and did a flathood conversion, not to mention damage from running into Noah's 244 the first time I met him]

Burgerball 2? 3? I just remember this being around September 2003. Doug and Pat D raced each other a few times, and than we went out on a cruise down Sunrise Saturday night

The next day we headed out to Sutter for a drive/lunch. In the last picture, thats Doug [Hank Scorpio] in the front, Noah244ti, Ryan [Volvoracer82], Justin [forgot his SN], Justin #2 [Norcal745ti], Alen and myself in the back.

Norcal Vs Socal Euro, Santa Barbara 2004. I got out of school in Phoenix, AZ at 9 pm the night before and drove all night for this. My best memory of this meet was the group of Volvos [all 20-30 of us] all having our hoods up while the other 1,000 BMW's/VW's/Audis etc had their hoods closed

Davis 2004, my car. Kind of riced.

Summer 2004 after getting my squares

Fall 2004

Simpler times indeed.
- Patrick
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83 244ti - rally
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Vintage anti-ricer
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Damn, cool photo's Pat, thanks!

I remember hearing about that cruise up Sunrise, with Doug sending the biker running off on foot. lol
Doug Williams "Mr. Doug" 4/15/2009
Pete Fluitman "fivehundred" 7/14/2013
Mick Starkey "TrickMick" 1/10/14
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Nick Fengler "fengler" 8/6/18
Thomas Fritz "stealthfti" 10/11/18

74 144 B20

90 745Ti

If you need Superpro bushings PM me for price and availability!
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Old 07-21-2018, 08:59 PM   #29
waste of skin and blood
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Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post

Burgerball. 2003.
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Old 07-23-2018, 09:01 AM   #30
An Anomaly
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Oh wow, back when people on Turbobricks actually liked Volvos and other Volvo enthusiasts!

I always wonder what happened to Doug's 242. Blackbrick (IIRC) out on the east coast bought it, it was damaged during shipping, he got cancer and then we never heard of the car again. That car was a piece of TB history. I wonder how the owner is doing too.
1994 945ti | 15g @ 14psi, Turbosmart EBC, AEM Failsafe WB, 3"/2.5" exhaust, do88 intercooler, iPd cam, STS cam gear, Ostrich LH tune, sbabbs EZK chip, green giants, K&N, Yoshifab CCV/Can/Cap, iPd SS brake lines, TME, Eibach, BNE, Koni suspension, iPd sways, iPd panhard, Cherry Turbos upper/lower braces, forged BBS RG-Rs, Michelin Pilot SS, ecodes, V90 bits.
1985 744ti | 13.8 @ 100.5 mph - Sold after 20 years.
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Old 07-23-2018, 12:19 PM   #31
Stiggy Pop
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so.many.cargo pockets.
'79 242
943 pickup
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Damn Pat brought the thunder. My car is totally built for TB in 2003.

Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
so.many.cargo pockets.
Utility and comfort were the orders of the day. (for the record I still own several pairs of cargo shorts and the ones with the biggest pockets are designated for PnP runs! )
1980 242 Turbo
2004 V70R

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Hank Scorpio
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Liz and Towery meeting. Epic.

SoCalEuro- It was really cool to run into Noah back in January. Both of us have such different jobs from when we first met and yet we both ended up in similar fields and at the same trade show.
Hank Scorpio is from the Simpsons. You can call me Doug ;)
Will trade guitars/guitar parts for go fast goodies or stuff I need. Just PM.
www.kauerguitars.com the second best way to upset neighbors and alienate people.
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