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I have checked the car with a known good noise suppression relay. No change.
I checked the pulse (by connecting a test light to both sides of the injector plug, it flashes while cranking.
It has 12V when drops to 9.5ish when cranking (im assuming thats the average of it pulsing?).

I have pressure at the rail.
Is there any way i could have blown all the injectors?
i will try another set of injectors i have tomorrow, but this set came running on this motor so im completely confused as to why or how this would happen.

The car does run on starter fluid, sounds perfectly fine for the 3 seconds it runs for.

my grounds seem ok as they are just bolted where the rail meets the manifold, i could really only move them to the valve cover, though i dont see how this would be the issue.

im pretty much out of ideas.
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