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Default cold stalling/ maybe a vacuum leak/ help

howdy folks

ive got an na 89 245 that is struggling to start a little in the morning, but then itll grab run okayish, get me where i need to go ( less then 4 miles away ) and then if i blip the throttle just a tad, as in enough to gain 500rpm to enjoy sweet sweet tractor noises, itl stumble, i can hear air being purged from the vacuum lines as if switching the vents open to closed, and then idle okay but i cant rev it at all unless very gently and then it drives okay.

then once turned off it normally won't start again immediately , i had an issue with the o2 sensor and just installed a new one, the drove 400km to my new university, and it ran fine, then i parked it for 5 days as i went backcountry skiing and then these issues appeared.

also once it sits for a while, lie an hour or 2 she starts runs and drives like nothings wrong and doesn't throw any error codes

any ideas would be great
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Originally Posted by dirtbag240 View Post
na 89 245....then itll grab run okayish...blip the throttle...itl stumble...then once turned off it normally won't start again immediately...
Sucking air....nothing more!

Remove brake booster's intake vacuum hose, and plug hole on intake manifold. Drive safely.

Hence, check all vacuum lines fitness, and determine if brake booster is shot.

Further, make sure AMM's "hose" to intake is not holy, and it is tied securely with clamps at AMM and throttle body. With MAF cleaner, AMM might be cleaned.
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