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Default Darkspeed returns!

Back from the (almost) dead baby!


the backstory..is probably actually in the projects section, may have to knock the dust off of it.. long story short, the swap started back in 09 or so, was mechanically finished in late 2010-ish maybe mid 2011 (that was a while ago, fellas), but only sort-of working. See, back in the dark ages, we didn't know anyone with hptuners that actually knew what they were doing, megasquirt hadn't quite progressed to the point it's at now (and Donnie wanted to do something a little different), so an AEM box was repurposed from a honda, wired up as such (Wasted spark, maybe sequential injection, not real sure), and it sort-of ran.... on 6 cylinders. And that's about where the project started to stagnate. There were things that needed to be worked out, folks got busy, life, etc etc etc.

prior to selling his house (calm down, he's staying local), Donnie dropped it off over here for semi-safe keeping as well as eventual progress.. and knew as many of you probably have heard or seen.. the easiest way to get me to work on something these days is to bring it over. We jacked around with the aem one weekend, couldn't really make heads or tails of the trigger setup, at least not enough to determine what was needed to get it to work right, and the command decision was made to swap to something modern, that came with a harness, and a holley terminator X max was brought in to regulate the situation.

he started pulling the old stuff off this morning around 830 or so, I was in a fight with a swarm (still sort of am, jerks), so I didn't really start getting in the way until around 10-10:30. cranked the car up the first time at roughly 1pm. This was also a very lazy install.. the shop a/c was working, no one was in a rush, there was a fair amount of trash talk once the other usual suspects showed up (neighbor and matt), and there were some things that were kind of vague in the installation guide (not to mention no full wiring diagram, wtf). spent a grand total of about 20 minutes troubleshooting the only no-start we encountered with it (forgot to hook up a power lead, whoopsie), and after it cranked and ran for a minute or so, about 20 more minutes fixing a couple things that were rigged (also explained in the video). Test drive went well considering it was hotter than the hinges of hell, did a nice burnout at the end of the driveway on the way back, and then promptly picked up half of the gravel on my driveway. Car runs remarkably well, with zero tuning. looking forward to getting it on the dyno and leaning on it, but first there are some things to address (electric fans have never been wired up, they'd be nice to have), a full fluid check/replacement, and sorting out a couple sensors that aren't reading right now.
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Now with in-house Dyno tuning!

Megasquirt Tuning!
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Been here for too long
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