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Default 1985 Volvo 740 D24

Anyone knows what is the diff that came on this year/model? Looking to find a 3.31 gear and pinion. I'd guess it's a 1030 but I'm not sure.

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My similar-vintage D24 245 has a regular 1030. I'd assume it's the same for the 740s but I could be wrong.
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If you are lucky maybe the sticker is sill on the drivers side axel tube. Use WD 40 to remove the under coating.
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Should be a 1031. I'd look for a 960 wagon rear end if you want 3.31 ratio with g80 stock complete 1041 rear end will bolt right in your 740. Same as a 1031 rear end just called 1041 cause it has locker g80 diff. Other then that I think the stock ratio for your car would have been 3.54 ratio.
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^^ Good advice there. Don't forget that if you are putting the axle into a car from the ABS availability era (roughly 1988? onward) you also want to grab a rear end from another ABS era car. The earlier cars use a lower resolution tone ring for the speedo sensor, I think 12 teeth on the older era and 40? teeth on newer. If you mix and match with incompatible stuff than the speedo (and cruise and ABS if equipped) will not work.

My assumption is not that your car is a diesel, but that you found a diesel in a junkyard and are wondering if you can take its axle for your '90, correct?

If so then regardless of the tone ring compatibility factor, the diesels would not have the ratio you are looking for. Factory diesel 7 series cars that were imported to North America either had the 3.54 (with M46) or 3.91 (with ZF auto). No 3.31's. For that you'd need to find either a 92-94 960 wagon as suggested above, or I believe you would also find a 3.31 in a non-turbo manual 740, but those setups are almost never seen.
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