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Question Problem with S60R brake upgrade

Iím upgrading the brakes on my í92 745 with ABS but Iíve hit a snag; the 740 hard line tub nut will not properly seal with the S60 flexible brake line (it leaks).

-Are the brake hard lines flared differently (740 v S60R)? I believe they both use a bubble flare.
-Is the nut on the brake line different (steel tub nut) for the different generation cars? Theyíve both listed as M10-1.0 but is one longer than the other?
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Which "S60 flexible line" are you using? The factory line, or a third-party part?

Is the nut going all the way into the fitting on the flex? There should still be some thread visible. If the flats are all the way into the fitting, or if the hardline can be jiggled at all, then the nut's too shallow as you suspect and you're going to need a different flex line.

You might shoot Nick at Brake Hoses Unlimited an email (with pictures). He's been my go-to guy for weird hose configurations; helpful, quick, cost-effective. goodbrakes@brakehoses.biz
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-The S60R calipers came with 3rd party stainless steel brake lines which were appropriate for that vehicle.
-Yes, I wonder if the nut on my 740ís brake hard line isnít long enough. On the open market (non-Volvo sites) I see that these exist is shorter and longer versions.
-Iíll reach out to Nick at Brake Hoses. Thank you for the recommendation.
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