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Default Aftermarket WGA

I am looking to ditch my 13C actuator on my 16T turblow. Question is does anyone have experience with these aftermarket WGA units?

Tial, Turbosmart, and Kinugawa all make a universal unit that can be made to work with my application, does anyone have experience with any of these brands?

Links to the pieces:




Seems like I can expect to get any of these units for $140 or less, which works for me. I'm shooting for 16-18 PSI, and would like to be able to have about 14-15 PSI worth of preload.
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I have the Kinugawa one. It's pretty simple and seems to work well. The psi rating for the springs doesn't seem super accurate, and I never bothered to figure out why.

It's got a lot more travel than the stock Mitsu one, which I think helps stave off boost creep.
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Forge also does some nice stuff, been running theirs on mine for years, CBV and WGA. Fully serviceable like the others, a little more money though. Customer service has been great when I needed internals as well. I'm running just wastegate on mine as well, no MBC, at 20psi.
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Currently waiting on a16t compressor housing and wga from kinugawa to finish assembling my turbo. I've heard good things about their wgas, I'll report back once I have it installed.
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