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Default 1984 rotting cables

Hello there, i hope you can help me because my mechanic and i are kinda out of options here. I love the car since i bought it 2 years ago.

He told me many electrical wires are in really bad shape and i had the experience on my own already. The console dimmer never worked. The seatbelt warning sometimes worked, sometimes not, same for the "left key in lock and door open" warning.

I knew the wiring is bad and the isolation is rotting and falling apart.
However ,i never ended stranded on the side of the road.
I went to my car guy, (he maintains a lot VW LT engines) for a timing belt change. And he said, well the wiring is bad, we spoke about it in the past and i said, go for it.

Here's the problem. somewhere something is shorted, the car is 35 years old, there are "strange unexpected wires, cut wires hanging around. We put in the key and turn to ON, the whole dash turns on and doesnÂ’t turn off.We plan to pull the dashboard out already. We desperately need a wire diagram, but i can't find any for my Model. He said he wants to repair and restore my wiring especially since wires are hanging around without intact insulation and might ground on the car chassis

I digged through the internet but there isn't much fanservice in particular for the diesel. I found alot for Volvo engines but that Volkswagen engine is kind of dismissed by the community.

1984 244 D24 Diesel, but i believe it's a 1983 Modell since it has more chrome then later models.
Made in Belgium for European Market
Bosch pump 0460 406 003

Hope you guys can help and thanks
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Id recommend Dave's engine harnesses for rotting wires, it looks like he has one for D24


The last post in this thread, by kittysgreyvolvo has links to a couple of Goodle Drive folders, with all wiring diagrams.

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For what ever reason on those vintage Volvo's the wire coating just fell apart. Changed many harnesses back in the day when I could get them from Volvo, they were not cheap. Other than taking the harness out and replacing wire by wire, see what you can find new. I have made wiring harnesses from scratch for some of these early cars.
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Details here: Years of "biodegradable" wiring?

More background here: Volvo 240-series electrical systems from 1978 to 1985 were engineered out of biodegradable materials... (Volvo content in the middle of the article.)

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Hey guys, first thanks, i have a lot of documents to go through. Will respond later again. Going through the links from fred right now.
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The Diesels are especially easy to DIY. Many fewer wires.

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Ford V8 Conversion Manual -

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Repairing the old car is very meaningful. It is lucky to find some wire to repair it.
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